Tanja Raich was born in Austria where she grew up in a little village surrounded by impressive mountains and wonderful landscape. After she graduated from High School in Innsbruck she decided to move to Vienna, a melting pot full of life, history and culture. She has been trained in both classical and Jazz/Pop at the University of Music in Vienna and at the Complete Vocal Institute (CVI) in Copenhagen. As a musician she’s always looking to expand her musical knowledge. So besides training her vocal skills she decided to study musicology, dramatics and psychology to be as multifaceted as possible for the tasks that await in the future. Through her journey as a musician she’s been influenced by many great teachers like: Bobby McFerrin, Michele Weir, Cathrine Sadolin, The Real Group etc. She worked as a soloist in Jazz/Pop/Funk influenced bands and was a member of two professional a cappella groups: Velvet Voices and Shiva Knows. When she’s not on stage, rehearsing or teaching her students, you can find her dancing, doing aerobics, jogging or shopping for that unique pair of boots that can change a woman’s life. If she wasn’t working as a vocalist, she would have chosen a career in a sports-related field. But since in both you need a similar mindset and have to work hard to achieve your goals, she decided to do both.


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