Who I am

I’m Tanja Raich, born in Austria where I grew up in a little village surrounded by impressive mountains and wonderful surroundings. After I graduated from High School in Innsbruck, I decided to move to Vienna, a melting pot full of life, history and culture.

I’ve been trained both classical and jazz/pop at the University of Music in Vienna and at the Complete Vocal Institute (CVI) in Copenhagen. As a musician I’m  always looking to expand my musical knowledge. So besides training my vocal skills I decided to study musicology, dramatics and psychology. Nowadays you have to be as multifaceted as possible but luckily I’m eager to learn.

Through my journey as a musician I’ve been influenced by many great teachers like: Bobby McFerrin, Michele Weir, Cathrine Sadolin, The Real Group etc.

I worked as a soloist in jazz/pop/funk influenced bands, and was a member of two professional a cappella groups, Velvet Voices and Shiva Knows.

When I’m not on stage, rehearsing or teaching my students, you can find me on the dance- and aerobic floor or shopping for that unique pair of boots that can change a woman’s life.

If I wasn’t working as a vocalist, I would have chosen a career in a sports-related field.

Singing is considered similar to playing a sport. So now I do both.



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