Bands & Projects

I work as a singer in different bands and projects and I can write custom arrangements for professional ensembles, choirs, background vocals for bands or for “on-demand” projects. As a vocalist and vocal coach, I understand what singers need for a full-sounding but easy-to-sing chart, and can write according to detailed specifications of time, genre and voice type. Rates vary by project so contact me for a quote based on your needs.


Studio Singer

I also work as a Studio Singer including Backing vocals, Voice Over, Demo songs, Guide vocals, Radio stations and many more. The recording takes place in your studio or in my own studio – you send me the file of the song, jingle you want me to sing on. In my studio I work with a Mac/ ProTools system so I can guarantee you very high quality.


Tanja Raich Trio/ Quartet

The Tanja Raich Trio puts expressional jazzy arrangements of various well known and unknown Popsongs on stage. Tanja’s colourful voice covers everything from being rough, rock-solid and tender-sensual. This way she gives every song that, special touch, her special touch. Tanja is accompanied by Christoph Eisenburger on piano en Werner Lauscher on bass. The two of them have years of experience in several musical ensembles and add to every song their own signature. Their arrangements rely on both pure songmaetrial and room for improvisation.


El Greco:

Country Life:

The Way You Make Me Feel:

Sweet Dreams:

Tanja Raich Quartet- Live:

Tanja Raich- vocals
Christoph Eisenburger-piano
Werner Lauscher- bass
Luc Nelissen- vocal percussion



pure, touching, groovy, arrangements of Jazz-/ Pop-/ Rocksongs

Tanja Raich- vocals
Christoph Eisenburger- piano


Shiva Knows – Gota

Shiva Knows – In the winter


Tanja Raich Trio
Sweet dreams 

Tanja Raich Trio
The way you make me feel (live)


Past projects:

The Summerville Sisters

Retro-Jazz vom Feinsten aus den 20ern bis 40ern steht auf dem Programm der Summerville Sisters. Charmant und vergnügt lässt das hinreißende Gesangstrio vom Kölner Mississippi die magisch-magnetischen Dreiklänge der legendären Boswell Sisters und Andrews Sisters wiederaufleben.
Swing from Sunshine and pure Air mit viel schlaflosem Gefühl.


Shiva Knows

is a group that combines strong arrangements with magical voices to create stunning music. Shiva has two wonderful ladies with hardly any vocal limits.This soprano and alto are classical soft when they need to and rock-solid when they have to. A fresh tenor who feels comfortable in every range, a multifaceted baritone who adds vocal percussion to Shiva’s taste and a deep, groovy bass make Shiva’s style complete. Despite the fact that Shiva has such a short history the results are outstanding. Shiva Knows became 3rd at the International A Cappella Competition “Ward Swingle Award” in Graz (A) in 2007 and achieved two gold diplomas and the audience award at the same fetival in 2008. Shiva also became 1st at the Totaal Vokaal Festival in Maastricht, was the overall winner of the Dutch Festival for vocal Groups in Almelo and got a nomination for an A Cappella Recording Award of the American Organisation for A Cappella Music (CASA) for their version of “Butterfly” and their CD “Shiva Knows”.