Coaching and Workshops

Private Lessons

Style, vocal improvisation, rhythmic feel, communication with the rhythm section, gig,
concert or recital preparation, repertoire etc.

I’m an authorised CVT (Complete Vocal Technique)-teacher!

CVT is a revolutionary singing technique and voice training method that gives you efficient solutions to specific voice problems. As a singing teacher and vocal coach I offer you guidance on how to achieve your goals and how to get full control over your voice no matter which style you’re singing.

I teach and coach singers of all musical backgrounds (jazz, pop, rock, musical, heavy metal, classical…) and levels, from beginners to professional singers, actors, dancers, speakers, singers who need emergency aid. I work as a vocal coach for bands, theaters, studio recordings, a cappella groups, etc.
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Musicianshipskills for Singers

Leadsheet Writing, sight reading, music theory, ear training, music notation



Workshops are flexible depending on the group’s interests and needs.
Selected instructional performances and follow-up designed to target musical
and/ or non-musical topics needed by and appropriate for your school or community group.

  • CVT Workshops (theoretical introduction and masterclass)
  • physical exercises
  • breathing warmups
  • vocal exercises
  • vocal group improvisation
  • arranging
  • style and interpretation
  • sight reading
  • self-confidence
  • ensemble singing
  • mic technique
  • stage presence
  • vocal health
  • music psychology
  • finding one’s voice
  • repertoire workshop

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